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Plastic 36 Plastic 53

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Nancy Judd Cowgirl Dress Detail

Cowgirl 44 - Version 3 Cowgirl 90

Nancy Judd Rusty Nail Dress Detail

Rusty Nail 20 - Version 5 Rusty Nail 51

Nancy Judd Coke Dress Detail

Coke 16 - Version 2 Coke 29
Nancy Judd Paper Lace Dress Detail

Paper Lace 67Paper Lace 46 - Version 2

Learn more about Nancy’s Recycle Runway project.

Her review, as appears on Yelp after our photo shoot:

Sandrine Hahn [Love] photographed nine of the outfits in my recycled fashion collection.  Each garment took me 100-400 hours to create so capturing the character of the whole piece as well as the details was very important to me.

I was very pleased with how the final photos turned out!

Sandrine’s commitment to detail, quality and assuring that her customer is satisfied made for a successful outcome.

She has excellent communication skills, the best of the best equipment, a unique perspective and a very engaging personality!

Following are some of the comments that I received on the photos:

These are beautiful shots! I LOVE the detail shots.
They are very artistic and enhance the appreciation of the art and
technology of each dress.

Wow, nice shoot.  You work looks great.

Loved the photos! Especially the nail dress! Sandrine surely did you a beautiful job. The details were beautiful too. They are works of art on both your parts!

YAY SANDRINE!  They are fabulous photos!

I highly recommend Sandrine Hahn [Love]’s photographic services!!

Recycle Runway

In 2007 I photographed Nancy Judd’s fashions which are all made from materials that would otherwise be discarded: plastic, phone books, rusty nails, coke cans, and paper.

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