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July 2016 Garden 15

Click on the photographs to see a larger version.

July 2016 Garden 20

July 2016 Garden 23

July 2016 Garden 25

July 2016 Garden 31

July 2016 Garden 41

July 2016 Garden 53

July 2016 Garden 55

July 2016 Garden 62

July 2016 Garden 64

July 2016 Garden 65

July 2016 Garden 66


The garden [in progress]

My espalier apple tree with 5 varieties. The tree, which I name Eden, has started to produce 2 varieites of apples this year! I planted it last summer. I planted 3 different kinds of cucumbers … and onions! Green beans are on the trellis [left side] next to the cucmbers … and I anticipate that they are on the way since I see the white flowers that preceed their arrival!

I also planted a number of other items earlier this summer that aren’t pictured here!

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